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With kiln drying capacity of 700,000 board feet in our 10 Hildebrand dry kilns averaging annual KD production of 15-18MM board feet of High Quality Northern Hardwoods available in 4/4 to 16/4 thickness, you can count on Snowbelt Hardwoods to exceed your expectations for quality, consistency and customer service.  Snowbelt Hardwoods domestic customer basis ranges from California to New York and also exports lumber to Canada and Mexico as well as Asian and European countries.   Snowbelt Hardwoods specialties include Basswood, White Ash, Aspen, Maple, Birch, Red Oak and Cherry.

  • Kiln Dried NHLA Certified Hardwoods in
    • Hard Maple
    • Soft Maple
    • White Ash
    • Basswood
    • Red Oak
    • Aspen
    • Birch
    • Cherry
  • Available in
    • FAS/F1F
    • Selects & Better
    • #1Common
    • #2A Common
  • Thickness
    • Vary by species, please inquire
  • Custom Proprietary Sorts Offered
    • Provides an increase in customer’s yields
    • Please, Inquire
  • Surfacing & Ripping Services
    • S2S
    • Straight Line
  • Lumber Delivery
    • Full & Mixed Truck load
    • Container Loads
  • Advanced Technology
    • Vision Tally System
    • Our Tallies show exact width and length of each board in every bundle
  • Hardwood Ends Package Presentation
    • Bundles Dounble End Trimmed
    • Ends Painted (Optional)
    • SBH Logo (Optional)
  • Walk-ins are Welcomed
    • Contractors/Woodworkers, please call ahead to place order
  • Worldwide Shipping
    • Please, Inquire with CIF port for Quote

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345 Ringle Drive, Hurley, WI 54534

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Paula Manzanares


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